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Time to Party on the Farm! 

  • Hay Rides
  • Horse Rides
  • Barnyard (pet and feed animals)
  • BB Gun Shooting
  • Crafts
  • Cook Outs

Basic Party: Includes Horse Rides, a Hay Ride, a trip to the Barnyard to pet/feed animals and use of the Picnic Area. Parties are scheduled for 2 hours. (Be sure to bring your camera!)

Cost: $200 for a party. Parties that exceed 2 hours and 15 minutes will be charged an additional $20 per 15 minute increment.


Our party start times are: 10:00, 11:00, 11:45, 12:30, 1:30, 2:15, 3:00 and 4:00 (Cost is $200 for a 2hour party, no minimum or maximum number of guests (bring as many people or as few as you want), includes all of the activities listed in the layout below and use of a covered picnic area.)


All parties are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. We only offer parties on Saturdays. We can make reservations up to 3 months in advance, so contact us early if you want a specific date and time. More details can be found on our FAQ page.

Layout for a basic party:

*The party begins with about 40 minutes of horse rides.

*Then, everyone (kids and adults) enjoy a bumpy hay ride. The birthday kid gets to help drive the tractor during part of the ride.

*After the hayride everyone gets to go to our Barnyard and to meet all of our animals. Then everyone washes hands and heads to the picnic area.

Our activities typically take no longer than 1 hour 15 minutes.

The remaining time (approximately 45min) is for you to do your party activities (gifts, cake, etc...) at the picnic area.

At the end of your 2hours we will ask you to pack up and clean out of the picnic area so that the next party can begin setting up. We can only add additional time to parties starting at 2:15, 3:00 and 4:00. Cost is $30 per additional 30min added. You must let us know when you reserve if you want to add additional time to your party. 

 (Please use the directions on this website to get to the farm. You can not access our farm from Mineral Springs Road; that entryway has been closed.)


All three of our picnic areas include 3 tables to sit at, 2 additional taller tables for serving or gifts and additional lawn chairs.

All tables are approximately 6 feet long. We have tablecloths you can use for an additional cost of $10 or you can bring your own. 


Additional Party Options Include:
Minimum one week advance notice required to include
these additional options in your party. 



* Weinie Roast - We supply everything for an ol' time weinie roast over an open fire. Each participant receives a hot dog, chips and a drink (Kool-Aid). We supply all the paper products. (Cost: $3 per person who eats 1 weenie).

*Smores - Enjoy a smore snack any time! Each participant receives supplies for 1 smore ($2 per smore)

* Want to bring your own food and supplies? You can rent our Fire Pit and Skewers for $10. Or rent a grill for $5. We will supply the gas for the grill.

* Table cloths for all tables at the picnic shelter. $10 

*Crafts - Flower pot Painting: We supply the pot and paint, participants supply the talent. (Cost: $2.50 per participant)

*BB Gun Shooting - Sharpen your aim and see how good a shot you are. Carefully monitored and safe. (Cost: $10.00, for all kids at the party to participate)

*Outdoor Heater - If you have a winter birthday but are worried about the cold; we have a large outdoor heater you can rent for $20.

*You will have aprroximately 45minutes after the farm activities to do cake, gifts, etc.. at the picnic shelter. If you want to reserve extra time the cost is $30 per 30minutes. You MUST schedule the extra time when you reserve your party. Otherwise there will most likely be a party directly after you and you will have to move out of the shelter at the end of your 2hours scheduled for the basic party. Extra time is only available if you are scheduled for your party at  2:15, 3:00 or 4:00.

 *We can dress up one of our horses as a unicorn for $15. Birthday girls love riding on a unicorn!


Call 803-351-2462 or email foxfarmsc@yahoo.com  to schedule your party. We are only open on Saturdays for birthday parties.
 All reservations are tentative until your deposit of $50 is received.  When you schedule your reservation with us we will send you an invoice for the deposit (usually through email). Deposits are expected within three days of booking.  All tentative reservations will be cancelled on the fourth day after booking if the deposit is not received.   We will acknowledge receipt of your deposit.  If you do not get an acknowledgement or have any question regarding our receipt of your deposit please contact us immediately.
The remaining balance for your party $150 (plus any additional options you may want to add on) will be due on the day of your party. We accept cash, check or card as final payment at the farm. Debit/Credit card transactions add on tax. Check or cash will be an even balance, no tax added.

If you have more questions contact us at
803-351-2462 or email at foxfarmsc@yahoo.com .

On the day of your party...don't forget-

* The picnic shelter will be ready for you to set up no later than 15minutes prior to the start of your party.

* Bring tablecloths (5 tables total), paper products, cake knife (if needed), and a lighter for birthday candles. 

* Any decorations are fine except for confetti. The wind will blow confetti everywhere except where you want it to be.

* We have a fridge/freezer you are welcome to use if you need it. A staff member can help you.

* At the end of your party time we ask that you move your belongings out of the picnic area so that the area can be cleaned and prepared for the next guests. We will take care of the trash bags. 

* Most of all-- Don't stress, and have fun!

Fox Farm is not responsible for any injury that may occur while on the premises.